Dr. Michael Liepman

Music Enhance Program

Ryelin Lockett talks about Mothers of Hope, Dr. Liepman Music Enhancement Program.

Mothers of Hope initiated the Liepman Music Enhancement project under the guidance of Dr. Michael Liepman. Dr. Liepman, a long time community activist, and one of the founders of Mothers of Hope, introduced his desire for MOH to develop a music enhancement component of its programming. The idea took hold with all members, and work began on developing the program for students.

The classical music project was selected because the community puts so much effort into athletics involvement for youth. MOH capitalized on expanding students’ horizons in the arts; that is critical for helping students to do well. After school music lessons provide students with one on one contact with music teachers who also serve as mentors and advocates.

​In addition to piano lessons, the participants will attend community concerts, learn about classical music composers, and develop life-long appreciation of another music genre. It has been proven that after school activities in the arts increase a student’s performance academically, behaviorally and socially. Diligent efforts of students in the arts build motivation and confidence in students to do well in school and keep students from becoming a dropout.

Preparing students for college and careers requires that the community take on a piece of the action in assisting students to be ready to receive the KALAMAZOO PROMISE by building student skills that fosters “I Can Do This” attitude.

​The population of students we wish to impact are children from homes where substance abuse is very prevalent. MOH, because of the grassroots organization that it is, has contacts with parents who are struggling with several issues with substance abuse being one of them. The group has found that these children are not involved in activities in school or in the community. MOH uses the hands-on approach to work with families, and utilizes direct contact with parents and children in a highly professional way.